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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We have an excellent snack bar that consists of pizza, hotdogs, subs, pies, brownies, ice-creams, candy, and more. A lot of our food has that homemade touch.

When visiting the water park, we recommend that you rent a locker, to store your personal items such as your wallet, phone, keys, etc in while you are tubing.

If you are at one of our tubing locations, we have a keyboard located in each office. You may choose to hang your keys there, free of charge. Please keep in mind that while we do try our very best to watch your keys and ensure that they are picked up by the correct party, that we are not responsible for your keys. In the event that you do not feel comfortable leaving your keys, then we recommend hiding them outside around your vehicle. DO NOT TAKE them with you! YOU WILL LOSE THEM!

Also, leave everything else locked in your car. You do not need your towel or money on the river. The more you take, the more you risk losing!

We only need a reservation for tubing if you have a group of 50+. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer group discounts for tubing as our rate is already heavily discounted.

For the Water Park, we only need reservations for a group of 25+. Please fill out the reservation form online or call at least 5 days ahead of time. Check out our group pricing tab for more information.

Unfortunately, due to health regulations, we are not allowed to have dogs in our water park facility. The only exception would be a service dog, and the proper documentation must be presented. However, if you are up for the day with your pooch, you can contact our local welcome center at 706.878.2181 to find some local boarding places for the day.

Anything you like! Typically a bathing suit and some comfortable/quick dry shorts over it. Always wear shoes! Flip Flops are not allowed, as they could get lost in the river. Wear tennis shoes, water shoes, or shoes that will stay on your feet. The rocks can be sharp, and you’ll be glad to have a pair of shoes on!

Only a bathing suit. Do not wear any additional clothing in the water. The fibers from clothes get trapped in our filter system and ruin the fun for everyone. Unfortunately, this means that no denim or cut off jeans are allowed.

Due to local regulations, there are strict limitations on what can be taken on the river. You can take one non-alcoholic drink in a plastic bottle per person on the river. Unfortunately, coolers, bags, trash, snacks, and alcoholic beverages are allowed on the water. However, if you have a small child in your group, or if one of you suffers from Diabetes, an exception can be made to allow a snack to be taken with you.

Not inside, but you can bring it and eat out front or along the river at our picnic tables. With your armband, you can re-enter the park as much as you like. However, on weekends, there will be a rental for picnic tables along the river. On the weekends, the picnic tables are rented on a first come, first serve basis.

Every person who enters the water park and goes down the river has to have their name on the waiver, regardless of age.

No. Children 15-18 can be dropped off at the water park without parental supervision as long as a parent has signed the waiver for them. The waiver can be printed on our website ahead of time. Children 14 and under. Must be present with adults at all times.

Yes. Any age can go tubing. However, we do not recommend infants going down because of safety reasons. The water is always very cold and you never know when your tube could hit a rock and flip.  However, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian and is solely up to them.

It is not recommended, but pregnant can go tubing. However, due to state regulations, pregnant women are not allowed on the slides at the Water Park, as they could pose a risk for the mother and the unborn child.

Yes, they can! We do advise that you rent an extra tube for your dog so that they don’t have to swim for the entire trip though. If you do choose to rent an extra tube, you should attach your tubes so that you stay together for the duration of the trip. You must bring a towel with you to lay over the tube to prevent your dog’s nails from puncturing the tube. If the tube does get punctured, there is a $25 replacement fee for the tube that you will be responsible for. As long as the dog is friendly towards the other visitors, it can ride the shuttle bus to and from the tubing locations.

Due to state regulations, children who are under 42″ tall are not allowed to ride on any of the slides. If they are over 42″ tall, they can ride the Tunnel Slide with another person, so long as they are riding on a two-person tube. The Speed Slide is for single riders only though.

Because we are an outdoor park with all water attractions, thunderstorms and lightning can put a damper on our fun. Regulations require that we make sure everyone at the Water Park is out of the water when unsafe conditions are present. Once weather conditions in our immediate area are safe to do so (we cannot guarantee ideal weather conditions), you’re allowed to get back in the water and start having fun again! Thunderstorms are very common in the Georgia summer, and will usually only last a short time. There are no refunds or rainchecks in the event of inclement weather.